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  • How to Block a Volleyball

    To block a volleyball, you need to be ready to react once the setter begins to set the ball. Work on blocking the ball with tips from a volleyball coach in this free video on volleyball techniques. Jonathan Neeley, Volleyball Instructor

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  • How to Block Higher and Stronger

    Is there a better feeling in volleyball than the one you have when you shut the door at the net and deny the big kill? I don’t think so! Jump Volleyball Training

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  • 6 Skills to Blocking

    Blocking video from Art of Coaching Volleyball

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  • Blocking to the outside as a middle blocker

    BLOCKING TO THE OUTSIDE (Without stepping on your outside’s foot) by Jump Volleyball.

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  • Middle Blocker Hand + Arm Positioning

    This video is about how to be an effective middle blocker in volleyball. Video by Elevate Yourself

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