How to Choose Healthy Snacks for Volleyball
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How to Choose Healthy Snacks
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When a snack attack hits, you want something NOW, so your motto should be, 'Here's one I prepared earlier.' Keep a selection of healthy snacks ready in the fridge, so that when you have an attack of the munchies, you're ready for it. Forget about nuts, crisps and chocolate. Snacks they may be, healthy they most certainly are not.

Instead of reaching for a handful of nuts, keep a small bowl of olives ready in the fridge. Rinse off with water to remove the brine they are stored in, and leave at the front of the fridge. Chewing an olive is satisfying, and 3 olives will cost around 25 calories. One single dry roasted peanut, weighs in at 6 calories— but who ever eats just one peanut? Olives are the healthier snack option here.

Another healthy snack option is to keep a plate of prepared vegetable crudités ready for munching. Carrot sticks, strips of pepper and cucumber, baby sweet corns, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and broccoli florets, celery batons and radishes all make excellent, healthy nibbles. Because crudités are crunchy, you feel satisfied when you've eaten them, so you won't go looking for diet-busting snacks.

Potato crisps are also crunchy, but at 160 calories a packet, and with a high fat content, they're off the menu for healthy eating. You probably couldn't eat 160 calories worth of crudities, but assuming you could, there'd be zero fat content, so however you look at it, crudités are a healthy snack option.

Hard boil some eggs, halve them and keep in the fridge, covered with cling film. At around 70 - 85 calories per egg, this is a satisfying yet healthy snack. A 100 gram bar of chocolate is likely to set you back over 500 calories, so even a couple of squares will add up to more than a whole hardboiled egg. We know there are times when only chocolate will do, but it makes sense to opt for the egg whenever you can. The egg also has more filling power than the chocolate, so this snack will keep you going until your next meal.

Always keep fresh fruit in the house, as this is another healthy snack option. Keep a melon sliced in the fridge, ready to go. Apples, melons and pears are very satisfying snacks, as they take a lot of chewing. Bananas also have great filling power, so keep some small bananas handy. A single digestive biscuit has 50 - 70 calories, but who can stop at one? A small banana, at around 90 calories or less is a healthier snack option.

It's easy to choose healthy snacks – We’ve only scratched the surface here, but we’re sure you can come up with many healthier snack options. You only have one body, and you owe it to yourself to look after it. After all, it has to last you a lifetime!

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