Fun Volleyball Drills
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Fun Volleyball Drills
by: E. Campbell

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The sport of volleyball is great for players ranging from the amateur to the competitive level. Like any other sport, volleyball has many specialized skills that separate mediocre and talented players. In order to learn these skills and make them second nature, dedication and consistency are absolutely necessary. The key to making building up skills is to make practicing these skills enjoyable enough that players will keep coming back for more.

The basic skills needed for volleyball include the following: speed, strength endurance, and precision. Below are a couple drills that are fun and interesting to do, either alone or in a group, which can help build the skills needed to become a fantastic volleyball player!

Drill: Pepper
Skills Utilized: Speed, Precision

In volleyball, a common drill is “peppering” with a partner. Each person stands opposite each other on the court, with a distance of between 15-25 feet between. The ball will then be volleyed back and forth in the sequence of “Bump, set spike”, just like an ideal volley during a game. This drill helps an individual to develop precision in passing, setting, as well as hitting. A successful hitter should be able to direct their hits, as well as put force behind the ball. Depending on the intensity that pepper is being played, each player will have to be very quick in order to keep the game going. Small challenges can be made to increase the difficulty, such as requiring all of the sets and hits to be made while jumping.

Drill: Jumping Exercise Relay
Skills Utilized: Strength, endurance

Volleyball is definitely a sport where it is very important to have excellent jumping skills, especially for anyone playing in the front row. In order to increase the vertical jump, it is important to increase the strength in the legs. While lifting weights in a gym can produce these results, working on increasing leg strength in a group or as a team exercise can be very beneficial. There are various drills that help improve verticals, and all of these drills are the most beneficial if it is possible to do them in sand. This definitely gives going to the beach a new meaning! By combining the drills into a competition in a relay format, players can encourage each other, which is vital to achieving maximum leg strength. Squats, lunges, bunny hops, and jumping out of a squat are great exercises to be included in a relay circuit.

Drill: Tip Drill
Skills Utilized: Endurance, Speed, Precision

This isn’t quite the same as the “tip drill” in basketball, where the ball is bounced off of the backboard, and dunked into the hoop. This drill requires at least 4 people, but can be expanded to have various games set up at once. The players are separated into teams of two. A line is set up on the volleyball court at the net the goes deep to the 10 foot line, and is as wide as 1/3 of the court. The teams of two play against another team across the net. The rules are the same as regulation volleyball, except the ball must be tipped over. If it is hit over, passed or set over, it is a side out. This is a fun game, and helps players to react quickly, and with precision.

Drill: Queen of the Court (or King in men’s volleyball)
Skills Utilized: Speed, Strength, Endurance, Precision

This is an excellent drill for learning the game of volleyball. Players are organized into teams of three people. Two teams begin a match, playing to 10 points, or another agreed upon point limit. The winner stays on the court, and is effectively queen/king of the court. The loser leaves the court, and a new team comes to challenge the reigning winner. This is an excellent game that teaches players the mechanics of the game, since they will be responsible for covering the whole court. They will also be responsible for the passing, setting, and hitting aspect of the game. This drill also encourages communication between players. The game is very intense and extremely fun for the hard-core volleyball player.

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Volleyball Drills

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