Rule differences between beach and indoor volleyball
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Rule differences between beach and indoor volleyball
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Actually, beach and indoor volleyball are the same sport. Some basic rules apply equally in both of them. For example, a team can score in two ways; either make the ball land on the opposite court or when the opponent makes a foul. In both cases, players must pass the ball over the net with three passes maximum. And of course, the same player cannot hit the ball more than once.

Despite the fact that beach and indoor volley have the same fundamental rules, there are some critical differences that make them distinctive sports. Specifically:
  • Indoor volley is played on a 29 x 59 feet court while beach volley is played on a 26 x 52 feet court.
  • As the court is smaller in beach volley, no hitting limitations behind the ten foot line are in effect.
  • Balls are different. In beach volleyball, the ball is softer yet bigger than indoor volleyball.
  • A volleyball team consists of six players. In beach volley, professional teams only have two players per on each team.
  • Indoor volleyball players must change places after every inning. That rule does not apply in beach volleyball.
  • Substitutions are not allowed in beach volleyball.
  • A beach volleyball match consists of three games. A team wins a game when reaches 21 points. If a team wins the first two games, then instantly wins the match. In both sports, a team has to win by two points.
  • In a beach volleyball match, players change courts every seven points. But when it comes to the third set, players change courts every five points.
  • Beach volleyball has a unique rule. Players can actually cross on the opposite court, passing underneath the net to catch the ball. Of course, direct contact with the opponents is not allowed.
  • An overhand pass with lots of spin is necessary and legal to indoor volleyball. Controversially, in outdoor volleyball, it has to look clean; the ball has to travel with little or no spin.
  • Be careful! When playing outdoors, block counts as one of the three legal hits.
  • When it comes to serve, the ball has to pass over the net with only one hit. Doubles are not allowed. Moreover, when the ball leaves your hands, your palms must be touching one another.
  • There is an exception in doubles in beach volleyball. You can only double a spike to slow it down.
  • Side setting over the net in outdoor volleyball is not permitted. Only direct setting in front of behind you is allowed.
  • Tipping is allowed in both sports. But, in beach volleyball you can only tip the ball with the top of your hand but in no way with an open hand.

Volleyball is an addictive and electrifying sport to play as well as to watch. Once you get familiar with the official rules of both of them, playing either beach volleyball or modern indoor volleyball can be a thrilling experience.

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