Middle Hitting Drills

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Name of Drill
Brief Description
Middle Hitter Transition Develop the recognition of a dig and timing for middle transition.
Middle Back Communication Teach middle back to communicate with outside hitters and recognize openings
Middle Hitting Combos Teach recovery from hitting and transition
Beat Ball to Setter Teach middles to follow ball and beat ball to the setter.
Hit the Pass Teach middles to follow ball and adjust to trajectory of passes.
Hit the Pass Competition Teach middles to put the ball away off of a free ball or dig.
Middle Hitter Ball Control Drill Teach middles to transition on and off the net quickly.
Slide Sprints Teach middles to hit slides and control momentum from a long approach.
Slide Toss and Hit Practice hitting slides and footwork without a setter with a high number of reps.
If - Then - Tip - Swing Practice middle hitters identifying a double blocker and making good decisions.