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Defensive Drills: Charge the Hole


Teach aggressiveness to middle back players and fill the hole in the block. When faced with this tough situation the first goal of the defender should be to make the ball playable, you have two more hits to settle and get a good swing on the ball.
  1. Blockers stand on boxes with hands up, spaced wide enough to leave a hole.
  2. Middle back player starts at a box or set spot off the court.
  3. Coach slaps ball.
  4. Middle back player charges the hole.
  5. Coach hits a ball down through the hole.
  6. Middle back player attempts to dig ball.
  7. Middle back player goes back and touches box or set spot.
  8. Repeat until player gets a preset number of balls playable.
Diagram Key:
D= Middle Back Player   B= Blocker
C= Coach

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