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Defense: Go Stay


Teach blockers to solo block.
  1. Defenders start in a triangle pattern arms length apart. ( Drill can be done with three or four players ).
  2. Coach hits ball to any of the defenders.
  3. If coach hits to a wing player, the wing player and the middle player switch.
  4. If coach hits to middle player the players remain where they are.
  5. With four players the fourth defender fills in the middle when the middle moves to the wing, and the wing players fills in behind the middle player.
  6. Drill is over when the group passes ten balls to the target.
  7. If a ball hits the ground because a player did not go for a ball, or did not fill when the players rotate they start back at zero.
Diagram Key:
C = Coach   D = Defender   T = Target

From Kendra Dawson, Head Coach Emporia High School

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