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Ball Control: Basic Team BC Drill


Practice hitting different shots and tips to different areas on the court
  1. Coach initiates drill with free or down ball. ( Or toss a ball into the drill and have the first contact pass over the net to the other team ).
  2. Player passes to the setter.
  3. Setter sets outside.
  4. Outside hitter hits a ball to the other team.
  5. Other team passes, sets and hits back to the team.
From Kathy Allen, Head Coach of Baker University, Director of Topeka Juniors.


The drill is cooperative, meaning the goal of the drill is for both sides of the net to keep the ball in play for as long as possible. Scoring system 1:

Set a goal for a number of total contacts, with other desired rules applying. ( EX free balls do not count as a contact, third hit must at least be a down ball ).

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