What is the Role of the Libero Player in Volleyball?
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What is the Role of the Libero Player in Volleyball?
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A libero player can enter the volleyball match as a replacement player at the back of the court. There is no limit to the amount of times a player of this type can replace a back row player. However, for the 2008 volleyball season the rule was changed for the libero player in as far as they could also take the place of a server position. There can be a different person designated as the libero for each game, but this information must be submitted before the game.

Having a libero player in a volleyball match is an option and the team doesn't have to use such a player. The usual rules of substitute players apply when the team decides not have a libero player.

What is the role of the libero player?
The libero player must play at the back of the court, and can't make an attack when the ball is above the net. The libero can't block or attempt to block a ball as this is a fault and the team could lose the game. While on or in front of the attack line the player sets the ball using overhand finger action. A libero player rotating to the front row is an illegal move.

What uniform does the libero player wear?
A libero must wear a distinct color of uniform that is noticeable from the other team players. The shorts must be the same color as other members of their team. The shirt must have a legal number in accordance with the rules of volleyball.

What position does a libero player take?
In one rotation through the game the libero is allowed to take a serving position, but when replacing a player they must replace a team member from the back of the court. The amount of libero replacements is unlimited, but the player who has been replaced can only go back to their original position in the game (they must replace the libero).

When can a player be replaced by a libero player?
Libero replacements can only happen after each rally or at the start of a game. In the event that a libero player is injured the player they replaced must come back on court. If for some reason this can't happen then a substitute will be put in place, that player must play as the libero until the end of the game. The use of the libero does not count as the number of available substitutes through the game. There must be a record before the game of who is the libero player with their name and number recorded.

The libero player is usually the most skillful defensive player of the game. The term libero (LEE-beh-roo) means free in Italian and was introduced internationally to volleyball in 1998. Roles of the libero player and rules of the game may vary from country to country. The rules may also be different depending on whether the game is played as a tournament or not.

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