The Essence of a Quality Volleyball Player
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The Essence of a Quality Volleyball Player
by: C.V.Rajan

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Having a passion for the game of volleyball, though fundamentally essential, cannot alone guarantee a place for you in a volleyball team. You have to build your game-specific skills and strengths and possess physical attributes that can win the heart of the coach to select you for playing for your junior or varsity-level volleyball team.

Whether playing at junior or senior level, the top quality required for a volleyball player is quick instinct. When the ball rushes towards you at lightning speed off the palm of the key attacker at the opposite end, are you ready to receive the ball in the most appropriate way and bump-pass it on to your team mate?

When you jump close to the net to spike the ball into the opposite field, are you in a position to spot the opposite team's placements in a split second and direct the ball to the spot of least resistance? Are you capable of changing your strategy at the wink of an eye from hitting the ball hard to dink the ball soft to a vacant spot (camp fire), leaving no scope for guessing your moves by the opponents?

Next comes your ability to spike. Do you have the suave legs that can catapult you to a yard or more above ground and a powerful arm to precisely and forcefully hit the ball, irrespective of whether you are close to the net or away from it? By mastering your offensive techniques, you will automatically be honing your defensive skills to judiciously block the opponent's offensive spike by your calculative jump to stuff the ball right across the brim of the net.

Your next important skill is excellence in serving. Whether underhand, overhand or jump serve, you must be a master in the science and art of serving. The speed, trajectory and the angle of your serve show the play of science while your capacity to precisely direct your serve at the weakest spot of the opposite team constitutes the art of serving the ball.

At junior level, you may get selected to your team based on your mastery on specific skills like excellent striking or excellent serving. But to aspire for varsity-level selection, you have to be a "jack of all trades." Your height, physical stamina and strength are to be far above average if you want to get the nod of approval from the coach.

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